Your Flying Robotic Waiter Will Be Right With You

Flying quadcopters are scheduled to start serving customers in Singapore restaurants by the end of next year. Sounds great, but do we still need to leave a tip?

The robots are being deployed to help alleviate Singapore's labor crunch and to take away mundane tasks of serving food and drinks, "allowing human waiters to focus on higher-level value tasks such as getting feedback from customers."

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The autonomous quadcopters from Infinium-Serve are expected to be launched in late 2015 at one of Timbre Groups five outlets in Singapore.

Given how dangerous these things can be at the hands of an inexperienced controller, and keeping in mind that customers can unexpectedly get in the way of one of these things, I can't even imagine the insurance costs being incurred by these restaurants.

Image: Channel News Asia

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Great, the end of tips.