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Check out the first trailer for 009ノ1: The End of the Beginning, the live-action version of the classic 1960s-1970s manga. This looks like the next great low-budget Japansploitation film, along the lines of Robo-Geisha and Machine Girl — complete with machine-gun breasts (not shown.)


009ノ1 was created by Shotaro Ishinomori, and it's the more "adult" counterpart to the manga Cyborg 009, which recently became a new TV series. This live-action movie of 009ノ1 comes out in Japan on Sept. 7, or around Ishinomori's 75th birthday. It's directed by a long-time Power Rangers director, and you can kind of see the Power Rangers influence in the stunts and the bravely unconvincing CG effects. Can't wait to get the DVD of this one — there's got to be one great decapitation scene in here somewhere. [via Crunchy Roll]


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