Your First Look At Doctor Who's Next Big Guest Stars

Who is David Tennant standing next to in this photo? The answer reveals a lot about the storyline of Tennant's final adventure as the time-traveling eccentric in Doctor Who, and its impact on the show's mythos. Major, huge spoilers below.

No, really. This is a massive spoiler. Are you sure you're down with that? Okay then.


Here's a set picture from Tennant's final episodes, which an anonymous source sent to us:

Yes, that's John Simm, probably returning as the Master, the Doctor's arch nemesis and fellow Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. And on the other side of Tennant? Timothy Dalton, having a view to a kill as some kind of Time Lord dignitary, complete with Gallifreyan bathrobe and medallion. It's been rumored for ages that Simm was coming back for Tennant's finale. And it's also been rumored that Dalton will be showing up, playing the Chancellor of the High Council of Time Lords. This picture, which appears to show Tennant, Simm and Dalton clowning around between takes, seems to clinch both of those rumors.

I have to say, if the Master causes Tennant's Doctor to regenerate into Matt Smith, then it's going to be the third time this has happened. The Master polished off Tom Baker's Doctor (in "Logopolis") and Sylvester McCoy's Doctor (in the can't-believe-it's-canon TV movie.) You'd think after someone killed you three times, you might start getting a bit stroppy. That's almost a quarter of the Doctor's lives, right there.


And then separately, there's this intriguing picture of one of the episode's sets. What do you think those odd-looking canisters are?


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