Your First Glimpse of the Nightmarish Fates of Superman and Batman, in Swamp Thing #16!

Acclaimed writer Scott Snyder's run on Swamp Thing has all come down to this. Swamp Thing #16, released tomorrow, features the conclusion of the "Rotworld" storyline — and you won't believe how jacked up Superman and Batman have gotten.

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of Swamp Thing's darkest hour, below.

Here's how DC describes this issue in its soliciations:

• "ROTWORLD: THE GREEN KINGDOM" races toward its epic conclusion!
• It's Swamp Thing vs. Rotmonster as Superman as Arcane's ultimate plan is revealed!
• What sacrifice must Swamp Thing make to cleanse the Earth of the Rot?
• And what secret did Batman leave behind in the ruins of Gotham City?


Here are the cover and first four pages. Click to embiggen:


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