Your first glimpse at what happened after Lost's final episode

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Get a look inside the Dharma Logistics Warehouse in the first ever clip from the Lost DVD's epilogue. Find out how the new guy is running things, and where those nifty Dharma canned goods came from.


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[Via Access Hollywood]

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I don't mean to ask logical questions but...

(1) Why is the Dharma initiative still operating in the present? Who is running it when all their people were horribly massacred on the island during the 1970s?

(2) Since when did Jacob run the Dharma initiative or have anything to do with it? And therefore, what does Hurley have to do with it?

(3) If Hurley can just send Ben to tell the Dharma initiative to stop sending food, why didn't Jacob just send Richard and tell them to leave the island?

(4) And finally, to be really logical, why would you stop food shipments on an island that doesn't seem to have much if any indigenous food supplies?