Your first chance to see what the robot uprising might really be like

Randy Sarafan, who loves to recycle old pieces of technology for new uses, has created the awesome OCCU(PI) Bot, to help the 99% in their quest to protest. Sarafan writes:

Learning from the lessons of the 1%, I set forth to outsource our occupy-related labor to a robotic workforce. Robots obviously have many advantages over their human counterparts. For instance, robots never get tired, they don't get cold, they don't sleep, nor eat, don't require tents, and when armed insurrection becomes necessary, robots are much more morally ambivalent. Additionally, we had a discussion with an unnamed member of the San Francisco police force and they confided in us that the police currently do not have any plan for dealing with robotic occupiers.


Now you can learn to make your own OCCU(PI) Bot, via Instructables.



That was greatness. I'm sure the police will come around with their own version eventually.