The Final Badass Civil War Trailer, Starring Your Spectacular New Spider-Man

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It’s here—your next major look at Marvel’s big superheroic dust up, Civil War. You’d think someone would be pleased, but no, Teams Cap and Iron Man are far too busy being glum at the thought of fighting each other for what they believe in. Oh, and a certain friendly neighborhood arachnid, of course.


There is so much new footage in this new trailer, it’s honestly a huge surprise, even with Spider-Man’s inclusion. Check it out below:

There’s a lot more of the idealogical debate between Iron Man and Captain America, and the cost of the destruction superheroes cause. But there’s still a ton of action, including an incredible chase sequence between Black Panther and Winter Soldier, Black Widow beatdowns, of course, the amazing shot of Ant-Man flying into battle on Hawkeye’s arrow.

Still? Nothing quite tops our spectacular introduction to Spider-Man—making an incredible entrance on Iron Man’s side. Good lord, this looks like a ton of fun.

Captain America: Civil War releases May 6th— and tickets are on sale now.

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