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Your Dark Side Shrine Needs This Burnt Darth Vader Helmet Replica

Image: Hot Toys
Image: Hot Toys
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Kylo Ren is a dedicated collector. It takes resourcefulness to find, and preserve, the half-burnt helmet of Darth Vader to serve as a centerpiece of one’s very own evil family shrine. Fortunately, the rest of us won’t have to go through the trouble, because Hot Toys has us covered.


This week, Hot Toys unveiled its own life-size replica of Darth Vader’s crumpled, charred helmet from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and, technically, Return of the Jedi, I guess). The collectible, which has no release date or price as of yet, will be displayed in a showcase in Japan as part of a The Last Jedi promotional event.

So now’s the time to craft the shadowed, hidden place where all your worst fears and memories can gather, fueling your quest to fulfill your family’s cruel destiny. Dark Side resonance sold separately.


[Hot Toys, via Slash Film]

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Julie Muncy

A commenter on Facebook pointed out that you could just take a blowtorch to a normal Vader helmet toy, but I want to remind our readers that plastic fumes are toxic.