Your Chance To Wear Christopher Reeve's Shorts

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Now you can literally tug on Superman's cape (or the whole outfit), slip on Batman's boots, and put on Marty McFly's jacket... all at the same time. The Pugliese Pop Culture Collection, featuring a slew of original items from classic scifi, is currently on auction. You can bid on everything above and more, including the Creature to the Black Lagoon's mask, and Oddjob's razor-brimmed hat from Goldfinger.


If you're into hats, the auction has a ton of 'em as well. Besides the aforementioned hat from Oddjob, you can also pick up the bowler hat worn by Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. While some of the items are fetching a high price, you can pick up something like this prop newspaper from Superman for only a hundred bucks.

The sheer amount of stuff they're auctioning off is staggering. Anthony Pugliese was either the world's biggest packrat, or had the idea to auction this stuff off a long time ago. It reminds us of the episode of Amazing Stories called "Gather Ye Acorns," where Mark Hamill kept all of his childhood toys, and then auctioned them off to become rich when he was older. If I'd done then, then maybe I could afford Humphrey Bogart's hat from The Caine Mutiny. [Thanks Plague]

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They have a Rocketeer helmet!! Wish I had a couple of Gs to drop on it.

I'd love Bogies hat from Caine Mutiny and they also have Sinatra's coat from Manchurian Candidate. And Charlton Heston's loincloth from Planet of the Apes.

Man, I wish I was a millionaire.