Are you jonesing for more Sherlock? We may have a surprising methadone shot for you. Plus, one of the weirdest scifi shows to grace the BBC, a live-action movie of one of Japan’s weirdest anime, and an aquarium full of severed heads, all in this week’s DVD releases!

Elementary: The First Season

We all know about how great Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock series is, but has it prevented you from watching CBS’s Elementary? I’m here to tell you that you need to get over it, because Elementary is great. It’s markedly different from Sherlock, it’s accurate to the classic characters while not being beholden to the stories, Jonny Lee Miller is excellent as a recovering drug addicted Holmes, and it’s just a darned good watch. Seriously, think about giving it a try.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season


The season with the prison and the Governor and the starting out pretty good and then the going nowhere then the phenomenal episode “Clear” and then a crap finale. Remember, the much more expensive Blu-ray version comes with that mini-replica of the Guv’s zombie head aquarium!

Captain Harlock: The Complete TV Series


Get ready for the amazing-looking CG movie by checking out all 42 episodes of the original 1978 anime classic. Or at least learn why all spaceships should have giant skulls on the front.



While running a moonbase, Christian Slater is cut off from Earth by a meteor storm whose meteors also happen to be carrying alien monsters. Seems like a pretty apt metaphor for Slater’s career, to tell you the truth.

The Barbarians/The Norsemen


Shout Factory releases two delightfully cheesy barbarian flicks to DVDk.

Sapphire & Steel: The Complete Series


The exceedingly weird BBC series about The Man from UNCLE’s David McCallum and The Avengers’ Joanna Lumley as two mysterious and mysteriously powered agents who find and correct irregularities in the timestream. Think of it like a mix of Doctor Who, The X-Files with even maybe a touch of The Prisoner, and you’ll be on the right track. This specials-laden set contains all six “assignments” and all 34 episodes.

Horrible Horror: The Special Edition


“Legendary horror show host Zacherley” introduces a collection of clips from 75 different crappy horror and scifi flicks.

Captain Battle: Legacy War


A hilariously awful-looking Captain America rip-off, inspired by a Golden Age comic character… who was also a Captain America rip-off. Kismet!



There is absolutely no way to explain this Japanese movie based on a classic ‘70s anime which was insane even in terms of ‘70s anime, so just watch the trailer:

Super Buddies


Those stupid adorable Disney puppies put on ridiculous superhero costumes. Is that enough for me to include it in the weekly DVD and Blu-ray releases? Yes, apparently it is.