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Your Chance to See the "Nazis in Space" Movie Iron Sky at Your Local Theater

Illustration for article titled Your Chance to See the Nazis in Space Movie emIron Sky/em at Your Local Theater

We've been hearing about Iron Sky, the movie about a secret Nazi Moonbase, for years — but when will it come to your local theater? That's up to you. A new website called Tugg is offering fans a chance to book screenings of Iron Sky and tons of other movies at their local theaters — as long as enough people want to see them.


Want to see Predator or Edward Scissorhands on the big screen? No problem. Just get enough people to buy tickets, and you could be watching Meet the Feebles with all your closest friends. And Iron Sky isn't the only smaller indie film to make its big-screen debut in the U.S. via Tugg.

It's simple, you log onto Texas born website Tugg, and look for a screening or create your own. Right now the site has deals in place with Regal, AMC and Cinemark and those are all over, but there are a collection of smaller cinemas. It's actually a pretty ingenious birthday party idea, if you have enough friends who want to see Basket Case again.


Iron Sky is having a screening in San Francisco tonight — but it's already sold out. Here's a listing of other upcoming Iron Sky premieres — and hopefully if this catches on, this might spark a collection of more indie films being spread throughout the country faster.

Las Vegas – 8/4, Atlanta – 8/8, Philadelphia – 8/9, Seattle – 8/21 and New York City 8/9!

Top image via Iron Sky.

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Annalee Newitz

So . . . space Nazis (Iron Sky), zombie Nazis (Dead Snow), serial killing Nazis (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) . . . WTF, Scandinavia? I guess as long as we don't get any fae Nazis, I'm OK.