Your Best Look Yet at Punisher and Elektra's Comic Costumes in Daredevil Season Two

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Matt Murdock isn’t the only one getting an outfit upgrade when Daredevil season two drops next week. While we’ve seen both of DD’s new friends and foes in their civilian gear before, we finally have our first look at the Punisher with his trademark skull shirt and Elektra in her upgraded ninja outfit.


The new picture was released on the Daredevil twitter account this morning, presumably to head off the fact that billboards featuring the new costumes for Daredevil, Punisher, and Elektra have started cropping up in cities in the US and Canada to promote the show’s return.


The billboard actually gives us much better looks at Matt and Elektra’s outfits than the official picture, seen in full below:

It’s nice to know that Punisher and Elektra’s outfits will evolve over the course of the season. Frank’s look is most recognizable from the comics. It’s not quite his supersuit, but the jacket and skull T-shirt. (Is it even a T-shirt?) It almost looks like skull-shaped body armor over a T-shirt, but it’s definitely up there in terms of iconic Punisher fashion.

As for Elektra, well, her new costume has more of her trademark red in it than her initial get-up, but it’s still a far cry from her traditional comic outfit. Which is kinda strange, since the show pretty much nailed the Hand Clan Ninja outfit in the first season, and the Hand are showing up once more for season two. Still, it looks nice.


We’ll get to see them all in action when Daredevil returns to Netflix next week, on March 18th.

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Elektra’s outfit looks soooo much better then the comics though! I guess it could use the bandana on top her head. Also I like her face mask. What better way to hide her Skrull chin!