Yesterday, we asked you to break some bad news to Batman, and boy did you deliver (no pun intended). Here are our favorites entries although, truly, we are all winners.

Except Dickbutt. He is not a winner.

First up, here are two we love so much, we don’t even care about the name misspellings:

Unsurprisingly, we got a few themed around the 2016 presidential election:

While other people really wanted to ruin some movies for Batman, who is presumably too busy being the night to watch these:

And here’s another Star Wars one that is just infuriating:

Many of you thoughtfully told Batman about various things in the DCEU:

Although this one was my personal favorite:

I have never felt closer to Batman than in this fully justified response to a “Well, actually...”

The note at the bottom makes this one:

Say it ain’t so!

Batman’s getting so much closer to figuring this whole thing out:

Well, eff you too, Superman:

And, finally, the required super-literal one:

I’d like to thank everyone who made one of these, and to encourage everyone to keep mailing Batman. Please. This was the most fun I’ve had in the comments in ages.