Image: Disney/Marvel

Yesterday, we got a number of conflicting stories about the title of the fourth Avengers movie. We heard it was a spoiler, we heard what might be the title and it wasn’t a spoiler, but the thing we at io9 heard most was that our commenters are more creative than anyone at in the naming department at Marvel Studios

Here are some the best, but trust me—this is the cream of a very creamy crop. Still, we’re partial to the Vision and Wanda one:

I’m still pissed that I didn’t think of this one first:

The Barry Gordy reference is the one we loved most:


This one gets points for being really close to what Zoe Saldana said:

Given the state of the stars’ movie contracts, this is fair:



This one comes in stages:


I would have also accepted “Chrises of Infinite Earths” or “Crisis of Infinite Chrises”:


This is a very valid criticism:

I love The Search for Steve Rogers’ Gold:


Okay, well, I guess is technically a spoiler:

I think only I laughed, but, hey, this is my list:


We got a lot of Fast and Furious-styled ones, but Too Fast Too Avenger is very good:

We also got a lot on this theme, but this was the best one:


In all seriousness, there are, in my mind, two actual serious and fairly obvious contenders for this (and I have no evidence or inside knowledge, so it’s speculation and not a spoiler): Avengers Disassembled or some version of The New/Young Avengers. That basically matches with everything the people involved keep saying about the direction of future Marvel movies and the contracts of the actors involved. If it’s actually something with Gauntlet, well, they should just have hired you guys instead.

Keep the fake ones coming. I sincerely love you all for the laughs this brought me.