Meet Shaw. He's a better Doctor Who fan than you... or at least more industrious. The first-grader took it upon himself to use his own (not insignificant) wardrobe to cosplay as all eleven Doctors, and the results are as impressive as they are adorable, and they are preposterously adorable.

Here's Shaw as the First Doctor:


The Second Doctor:

The Third Doctor:


The Fourth Doctor:

The Fifth Doctor:


The Sixth Doctor:

The Seventh Doctor:


The Eight Doctor:

The Ninth Doctor:


The Tenth Doctor:

The Eleventh Doctor:


Now, before one of you mad-people decides to start screaming about a lack of accuracy in the costumes assembled by a first-grader on his own recognizance, Shaw's parents made the following notes over at The Toast:

As the Sixth Doctor's "real" outfit is, well, horrifying and nearly impossible to recreate without some serious tailoring, [Shaw] found online a photo of an alternate Sixth Doctor dressed all in black.

• [The Eighth Doctor's] outfit modeled on [his] recent appearance in the Night of the Doctor mini episode.)


All right? That enough explanation for you, that you can simply enjoy the cuteness of a kid taking the time and effort to dress up as all 11 incarnations of a 50-year-old science fiction TV character without worrying about every niggling inaccuracy in the outfits? If it isn't, and you'd prefer, me to track down this child's mailing address so you can write him a sternly worded letter in order to try to make him feel bad, you're in luck. I've already sent you the address, and it is currently up your ass. Feel free to hunt for it at your convenience.

Thanks to Nicole Cliff for the tip!