Young Justice's Aqualad is Joining the Teen Titans Comic

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Well, technically, DC Comics’ adaptation of Young Justice’s Aqualad is coming to Teen Titans. But this is pretty much the closest we’ve got to an actual Young Justice comic ahead of the show’s return for a third season at the moment.


Announced through Multiversity Comics, Jackson Hyde—the alternate take on YJ’s Kaldur’ahm introduced into the comics in 2010 following the success of the character on the show—will make his first full DC Rebirth appearance in Teen Titans #6, the start of a new arc for the book called, appropriately, “The Rise of Aqualad.” Here’s the solicit detail:

New story! New city! New member? As the team adjusts to their new lives at Titans Tower, Damian investigates a series of strange disappearances in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Jackson Hyde heads west to fulfill his destiny…and finds himself in the crosshairs of the Teen Titans!

This isn’t actually the first time we’ll have seen Jackson since DC launched its “Rebirth” initiative. He made a very short appearance in the one-shot DC Rebirth special, which showed him in an argument with his mother about his powers—and the fact that Jackson had come out as gay.

While we hope for the revival of the Young Justice comic alongside the show’s long-awaited return for season three, this will be the next best thing. Teen Titans #6 is due to release March 22.

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