Young George Lucas: "In This Country, The Dollar Is Above The Individual"

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A 1971 interview with George Lucas, in which the Star Wars creator talks about being a toymaker who makes films, has surfaced. He talks about studio interference over THX-1138 and confesses he's a toymaker who makes films.

He talks a lot about his friendship with Francis Ford Coppola and their partnership to make THX-1138, and their fights with Warners over final cut on THX. And he unveils a deep-seated resentment: "Somebody who has the money, or as a result of the money, has the ability to make decisions that are out of their area. Becuase they have the power, because they have the money, they can make aesthetic, directorial, writing decisions, which they really have no business making. But in this country, the dollar is above the individual. A man's brain, a man's experience, a man's talent is below the dollar. The man with the dollar is the final say."



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Creepy what kind of difference a little thing like 38 years makes.

I know we've all embraced the fact that Lucas has twisted and corrupted the dreams of our childhood, basically becoming that which he once hated so deeply. What I don't get is how a creator can let such a change happen. For instance, why is Raiders the pinnacle of Lucas and Spielberg's efforts? I sat through Indy and the Mediocrity Crystal Skull wondering why they haven't improved over the last three decades. Is it all about being hungry vs. comfortable?