You'll Want to Leave the Lights on While Watching this Horror Short

You know that unnerving feeling that things don't quite look right when the lights are out? What happens when that feeling is more than your imagination?

David Sandberg won Best Director for Lights Out in the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge. It's a quick scare where leaving the lights on can't save you.

[via Neatorama]

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Frank Evolved


I watched this yesterday, and liked it for the most part. The ending was dissapointing, but the sound design was fantastic, I mean really fantastic.

Though, would you really flick the lights on that many times before taping it? Especially with that freaky ass silhouette. And why did she leave the bedroom door open? I know it was for plot, but I felt it didn't work as well. But the sound design! I really liked that.

I think a stronger ending would've been when she was under the blanket, and had the steps get closer, louder, then we'd see a shadow over the blanket as the light went out; smash to black with a muffled scream. But I'm just being picky, it comes with trying to be a filmmaker I guess.

That said, this didn't unnerve me quite a bit, up until that ending. More horror movies should avoid the weird-face, smash cut reveal, and instead should focus on environmental ambiance. As a society, with all the cheap and easy CGI available, we've seen all the weird, distorted, creepy faces we can. Maybe I watch too many movies, or the fact that I'm a surrealist, I've become desensitized to that type of shock/reveal.