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You'll take this poster for George Lucas' THX-1138 if you know what's good for you

Illustration for article titled Youll take this poster for George Lucas emTHX-1138/em if you know whats good for you

Right now, everywhere you go in downtown San Francisco, you'll see this poster. Full of pills, with an ominous message about the future, the poster invites you to learn about something called THX-1138. But what kind of medicine is this? I can only imagine the kind of conversations this is sparking around town.


Actually — as you'll learn if you read the text on the left — THX-1138 is George Lucas' directorial debut, a dystopian film in the vein of 1984. This poster is just one of five, celebrating films about San Francisco, created by artist Christina Empedocles and commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

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THX-1138ISBETTERTHANSTARWARS! *gasp* What. . . what have I done?