You'll Soon Be Able to See Coco Without That 20-Minute Frozen Short

Image: Disney
Image: Disney

Watching Disney and Pixar’s Coco is presently a bit of a marathon effort. Before seeing the film proper, moviegoers have had to sit through a whopping forty minutes of previews, trailers, and nordic snowmen. People have not been happy, and Disney is finally taking action.


Starting December 8th, the Frozen short “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” will be removed from screenings of Coco. This news comes from Mashable, which reports that Disney has requested theaters use the time opened up by the absence to hold extra Coco screenings. The short clocked in at over twenty minutes, so that’s actually a pretty plausible request.

So if you were planning on seeing Coco, sometime after December 8th would likely be best, unless you’re particularly thrilled to spend an extra hour in the theater not watching your movie.


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