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You'll Soon Be Able to Actually Visit the World of Game of Thrones

Somebody better pull the Joffrey pose. All I’m saying.
Somebody better pull the Joffrey pose. All I’m saying.
Photo: HBO

Westeros is open for business. HBO has announced that it is turning its Northern Ireland studio into a giant museum and studio tour for Game of Thrones fans to see the sights and, you know, presumably sit on the Iron Throne.


As reported by the NY Times, HBO is currently working on turning one of its studios into the Game of Thrones Studio Tour. Located inside the 110,000-square foot Linen Mill Studios (outside Belfast), the museum will be an “immersive experience” where fans can check out sets, costumes, weapons, and other props from the series. There will also be exhibits that show fans how Ramsay’s sausage was made, taking them behind the scenes of the making of the series.

The sets, some of which may have ended up in ruins after filming this latest season, are being rebuilt and restored for the studio tour by the same folks who worked on the series. HBO hasn’t confirmed which sets will be featured, apart from the ones that were actually used in the studio (like Winterfell), but it’s likely they’ll include pieces of King’s Landing, Dragonstone, the Wall, and others. And, of course, the famous Iron Throne.


The Game of Thrones Studio Tour is set to open in spring 2020. There are currently no plans to bring a similar experience to the United States, though Jeff Peters, HBO’s vice president for licensing and retail, said it’s always a possibility. Game of Thrones returns with its final six-episode season on April 14.

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