You'll Never Look At Pond Water The Same Way After Watching This Video

Hidden in pond water is a secret world teeming with swimming, crawling, and bioluminescent life. Daniel Stoupin's stunning video reveals the incredible diversity of life in a pond.


Stoupin has created a number of breathtaking nature videos (most recently his timelapse of ocean coral), and The hidden life in pond water is no exception. He used a Zeiss Axioscope A1 microscope along with his cameras to capture water fleas, bryozoans, water mites, mayfly nymphs, ostracods, and hydras—animals with an average size of less than one millimeter. Although the actual filming took just a week, Stoupin spent a year developing his skills and learning how to find the various organisms he wanted to film. And we're glad he did.


[via mental_floss]

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"Humility is the luxurious art of reducing ourselves to a point, not to a small thing or a large one, but to a thing with no size at all, so that to it all the cosmic things are what they really are — of immeasurable stature. That the trees are high and the grasses short is a mere accident of our own foot-rules and our own stature. But to the spirit which has stripped off for a moment its own idle temporal standards the grass is an everlasting forest, with dragons for denizens; the stones of the road are as incredible mountains piled one upon the other; the dandelions are like gigantic bonfires illuminating the lands around; and the heath-bells on their stalks are like planets hung in heaven each higher than the other."

- GK Chesterton