You'll Never Guess Who's Naked In Dollhouse

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The identity of Dollhouse's mysterious figure, who sits around stark naked while watching yearbook videos of Eliza Dushku in college, has been revealed. And it's a familiar face from the Whedonverse. Warning: spoilers!


Yes, Alan "Wash" Tudyk is reported to be playing Alpha, the "rogue doll" who slaughtered a ton of the Dollhouse's people and scarred Fred's face. I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Rek. Update: apparently this isn't actually Tudyk's site, just a fansite, so this is still just a rumor. But Joss Whedon says we'll get to see Alpha face-to-face in the final episode of season one.


Says fansite Alan Tudyk dot net:

Alpha has been described as having 'multiple personalities, fragmented and twisted from his time in the Dollhouse'. Hisname suggests that he was the first person to be engaged by those in charge of the Dollhouse. It appears that Alan has already appeared on screen, albeit obscured and in some scenes played by a double to throw viewers off the scent.

So maybe the naked body in that scene is not actually Tudyk's? Will nudity be one of Alpha's regular quirks? [via Whedonesque]

Illustration for article titled Youll Never Guess Whos Naked In Dollhouse

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Chris Braak

Well, I am a big fan of Alan Tudyk.

But I am still not really interested in this show. Maybe I'm just still sad about Wash's horrible death?