You'll Never Guess Who's Having A Kid!

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

One of the movies or shows covered in this morning's spoiler roundup includes a surprising character having a kid. Is it one of the stars of Star Trek? Or maybe we find out that Jason Statham's scowling race-car driver in Death Race has a baby? Or it could be part of our insane motherlode of Heroes spoilers, including set pics. Maybe the infant appears in one of our preview clips from this week's episodes of Eureka and Stargate Atlantis. Or it could be part of our hints from Lost and Sarah Connor. Click through for the truth about the surprising parenthood of one iconic scifi character. Spoilers ahead! Star Trek: Spock actor Leonard Nimoy once again decided that the needs of the many (to get some spoilers) outweigh the needs of the few (J.J. Abrams and the other makers of Star Trek). Nimoy told a reporter that he and Zachary Quinto have "a scene together," and it's "quite special. We meet coincidentally in a time crossover." It's only a sentence and a half, but it's full of interesting stuff. First of all, it sounds pretty specific: Nimoy and Quinto only have one scene together, not a whole bunch of scenes where the two Spocks team up as some have suggested. Second, Nimoy confirms that the movie's plot does involve time travel. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what he means by "time crossover." [USA Today] Death Race: Here's a new clip and a TV spot from the killer-convict car movie Death Race. Honestly, my main feeling after watching these clips is that I can't wait for Crank 2. Death Race is just to tide us over until we get more Chev. Also, there's a clip showing Tyrese being mean to his navigator here.

Eureka: Here's a preview clip from tonight's episode of Eureka. It's kind of cringe-making, just because that looks like a really nice dress. Heroes: The L.A. Times got to visit the Heroes set, and gleaned some spoilers along the way. The show is filming in the house that used to belong to Claire and the Bennett family, but now it belongs to "someone else that we know." And there are kids' toys and "childlike drawings" all over, so that "someone else" has a small child. (It sounds as though the pajama-clad kid is Sylar's, and Sylar's offspring is a big part of why we're seeing the serial killer's "softer side" this season.) Claire isn't happy about the change of occupancy in the old Bennett house. And the ensuing scene includes a gun, and a big fight scene, leading to a Chronicles of Riddick reference. On set were Claire, Sylar, speedster Daphne, Peter Petrelli, and a new character played by The Wire's Jamie Hector. [L.A. Times] Meanwhile, remember Maya, the girl with the deadly mascara malfunction? Turns out she is going to have a smoking hot romance with another hero, probably Mohinder. She's going to be more confident and more secure in her power this season, and she'll be looking to get payback from Sylar for killing her brother. Also, Noah Bennett aka HRG is going to be teaming up with Sylar, as you've probably already heard. Meanwhile, Claire will be a bit more clued into what HRG is up to, and it will get "gnarly." [E! Online] And here are some new Heroes set photos. It looks as though the show was filming a "flashback" to season one, where Peter is in his nurse's outfit, and he meets up with Mohinder, who's driving a cab. Eye-witnesses swear these are new photos, and not old snaps of actual season one filming. More pics at the link. [Heroes Spoilers]


Oh, and you may have seen clips of Ali Larter in a slutty outfit talking to an old politico guy. It turns out her new character is named Tracy Strauss, and she's a high-flying adviser to the governor of New York. The switch was orchestrated by the back-from-the-dead Linderman. But Tracy's former life may catch up with her anyway, since a reporter finds naked pics of her camgirl persona Niki online and goes after her. Meanwhile, Tracy is angling to get Nathan Petrelli a high-powered government job. (Did I miss the episode where they explained why Nathan isn't a congressman, even though he won the election?) Also, Nathan will be the first to see the returned Linderman. [E! Online again] And NBC released a new Heroes wallpaper showing Peter Petrelli doing his fireball thing, plus some kind of rain of fire, via MySpace. More wallpapers coming soon. [Heroes The Series]


Lost: The first episode of Lost's fifth season will be called "Because You Left." [EW] Stargate Atlantis: And here's a clip from Friday's Stargate Atlantis, featuring the return of the Replicators. Sarah Connor Chronicles: As we hinted before, Cameron (Summer Glau) will end up in a "halfway house" after she survives that car-bomb blast. And when John finally catches up to her, she won't recognize him. Instead, she'll throw him up against a wall. [E! Online again] Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.


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