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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoiler explosion includes shocking Wolverine news. Also, could Lost get even stranger soon? Plus pics and hints from Dragonball, Smallville Battlestar Galactica, Sarah Connor, Heroes, Fringe, Doctor Who, Dollhouse and more. Greet the spoilers!



It's not just Deadpool that will have more screen time in this movie, thanks to the current reshoots. It's also the badass mutant known as... Beak?? Dominic Monaghan, who plays Beak, says he's up there filming right now. It's partly reshoots of some existing scenes, but there are also some new scenes, adding to Beak's presence in the film. There's one super-important additional scene which Monaghan can't reveal, on pain of death. And he takes part in a huge set piece with Wolverine and Sabretooth, which is a flashback. [NY Post]


Dragonball Evolution:

Here are a couple of shots of the Fox people dubbing sound onto a couple of scenes from the movie. Also, Emmy Rossum says Bulma shoots guns in the film, and star Justin Chatwin totally "did justice" to Goku's kamehameha. More at the link. [DBtheMovie]

Battlestar Galactica:

Here are some promo pics from Friday's episode, "The Oath." [Multiple Verses]


Here's a casting rumor that — if true — would be pretty earth shattering and interesting. The show is allegedly looking for a 20-year-old actor to play someone code-named "Chad." But the character's actual name isn't really Chad, it's Aaron. As in Claire's kid, all growed up and back on the island in the year 2030. While there, he hangs out with a woman named Ji Yeon. Grain of salt is indicated, but it sounds plausible. [Lost Room 23]


Also, the Lifeguard at the Waimea Falls, where Lost has filmed before, witnessed the filming of a new scene. Jack dives off the top of the waterfalls and swims over to the edge of the lake, where Hurley is playing guitar. There's a floating guitar case. Jack swims over to Kate, who's asleep or unconscious. Jin comes out of the jungle, wearing a Dharma jumpsuit and holding a gun. Jack says, "Jin?" and Jin lowers the gun, looking confused. Meanwhile, the show was also setting up the dock with the submarine, putting the old lights on it and making it look like it's in rough shape. [The ODI]

Some new details on work assignments for our heroes once they go to work for the Dharma Initiative. Hurley is chef, and his uniform has a chef hat in the middle of the Dharma symbol. Jack is a workman. Sawyer is "LaFleur," head of security. Jin and Miles are security guys. And Kate and Juliet don't get their own special Dharma jumpsuits, sadly. [SpoilersLost]


Coming up soon, we'll learn the difference between Hurley and Miles: Hurley sees dead people, Miles only hears them. And there'll be some developments on Expose, the "jiggle caper" show within a show that Nikki appeared on, which Hurley's dad was watching in "The Lie," says producer Eddy Kitsis:

If you were listening closely to the ‘Previously on Exposé,’ you learned that there’s a new character joining the team, Tsunami, who was their archrival. Tsunami used to work for Cobra, so the question is, how are Crystal, Corvette and Autumn going to deal with Tsunami being introduced? Well, actually Corvette’s dead, that was Nikki, but Crystal and Autumn now have to team up with Tsunami, the dragon lady of Van Nuys. And how that plays out is anyone’s guess.” Adds Adam, “Especially with the Scorpion on the scene. It’s going to be a wild season.


[E! Online]

Here's a new promo and a new mini-featurette:


Doctor Who:

Comedian Lee Evans says he plays a professor named Malcolm in the new episode, "Planet Of The Dead." [Planet Gallifrey]


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Hoping for more answers about what Riley's mission is? Well, you won't get any. Actor Levin Rambin says there are no further revelations about her character's backstory for the rest of the season — all we'll know is that she's there to drive a wedge between John and Cameron. But she started falling for John, for real. And sometime in the next nine episodes, Riley gets a big action scene. [Sci Fi Wire]



Here are some screencaps of the recent trailer. Eliza Dushku is a one-woman Village People. She's a fireman! She's a cop! Okay, maybe she's not a leather daddy. [SpoilerTV]



Not only will we meet an idealistic young version of Angela Petrelli in episode 3x23, we'll also meet a young Charles Deveaux, a young Chandra Suresh, a young Linderman and a young Bob Bishop. And episode 3x22 will be called "Face The Stranger." [Heroes Spoilers]



The Pattern might not a bad thing, and it may not be human-made, says Roberto Orci. It may also go back further than any one realizes, predating Walter's involvement. Meanwhile, the John Scott storyline has a pretty great resolution in the next few episodes, says J.J. Abrams.[Fringe Television]


Here's a Canadian trailer for the next episode, "No Brainer."


Justin Hartley appeared on a talk show and showed a clip. [OSCK]


Wonder Woman:

Here are a couple more pics from the direct-to-DVD animated movie, showcasing Persephone, who's the "bad girl" of the Amazons. [Warner Bros.]


DC Comics:

You can't really judge what's going on with Batman's death in Final Crisis #6 until Final Crisis #7 comes out on Wednesday, says Dan DiDio. And the upcoming "Blackest Night" storyline will put Hal Jordan and Barry Allen front and center. Now that Barry is back, his successor Wally has to question what his role is now, and that question will occupy a lot of space in the Titans comic. Also, the Multiverse is going to be "rested." All those other universes? Will be taking a nice long nap. [Newsarama]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.


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