You'll Never Guess The Setting For The King Kong Sequel

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Go ahead, guess. I can wait here all day for you to try to randomly determine the very bizarre time and place Kong: Skull Island, the sequel to Peter Jackson's King Kong remake, takes place. You won't guess it, though. Hit the jump whenever you've tired yourself out.


The answer is: "1971 Detroit." Did you guess that? No you didn't, you liar. But that's apparently the answer, as confirmed by a recent MTV interview with star J.K. Simmons.


I don't have the faintest idea how this will work or why this choice was made, but I'm also not so invested in Skull Island that this strange choice will cause me to lose any sleep. But between starring Simmons, Tom Hiddleston and Michael Keaton... maybe I should start paying more attention. Hmm.

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Ed Grabianowski

That actually sounds really awesome. Peter Jackson staying 5 million miles away from it sounds awesome too.