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Fringe, J.J. Abrams' new mad science-intrigue show, will be much less confusing and backstory-laden than Lost or Alias, his other genre shows. Abrams recently watched an old episode of Alias and found it "impenetrable," he told television critics. "I was so confused." But Fringe will be an "experiment": a show that makes sense to casual viewers.


You won't have to watch the first three episodes to understand episode four, Abrams promised. The show will have an overall storyline and an "endgame," and there will be arcs. But individual episodes should stand alone. And Abrams will be heavily involved in the show, writing scripts and doing rewrites when necessary, especially where "arc" episodes are involved.

Separately, the show's producers insist they didn't put the pilot episode online on purpose, and the final version will be somewhat different. They also explained why the pilot was shot in Toronto (as Boston), but the series is being shot in New York (as Boston): tax incentives. [THR Feed and 660 News]


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