Marvelā€™s next movie, Ant-Man, has two end credits scenes. Both tease expansions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but of the two, one of them comes from a very different and seemingly unlikely sourceā€”which weā€™ll tell you without getting into any spoilers.

Ant-Man ends, the credits roll, and thereā€™s a first credits scene. Then the credits conclude and thereā€™s one more. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explained how he got the idea for the scene.


And hereā€™s where minor spoilers come into play. We wonā€™t describe what happens, but just knowing where the footage comes from is highly suggestive. Spoilers follow.

Hereā€™s what Feige said to io9:

I was watching Civil War dailies and said, ā€˜Whoa, that could be the tag.ā€™

And now it is. Yes, the second tag to Ant-Man is footage, shot by the Russo Brothers, from Captain America: Civil War. That film, scheduled for release in May 2016, stars not just Captain America, but pretty much every single other character in the Avengers, including Ant-Man. Itā€™s been shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, for a few months, hence the footage being available.


Director Peyton Reed told us that decision came up pretty late in the game. Originally, they were planning a second tag that was more comical, but when Feige came up with the idea, he knew it was the right one.

One last Civil War tease: Recently Mark Ruffalo said Robert Downey Jr. told him he was in the film, which was news to the rest of the world. Feige said this to us about that:

[Hulk] is not a primary part of Civil War. He may not be a part at all.

Weā€™ll learn more on July 17.