You will fall in love with these two bald eagles caring for their eggs, live on Eaglecam!

Live Video streaming by Ustream Few birds are as fierce and beautiful as the bald eagle, a predator who is both a mascot of the United States and (tragically) one of the victims of this country's expansion into the birds' traditional habitats. Still, many bald eagles survive — sometimes by adapting to human civilization. That's the case with these two, who have made their nest in the middle of a suburban park in Florida.

According to the Eaglecam site:

The nest resides 60 feet above the ground, in a Slash Pine tree. The camera faces South East . . . These bald eagles have been coming to this nest for the past 5 years. They reside in this nest between the months of October and April. Before building this nest in 2008, the pair had a nest on the opposite side of Bayshore Road. This location is now known as Eagle Landing. This mature, mating pair continue to make Southwest Florida their winter home.


Thanks to a local real estate agency's sponsorship of the live feed, you can enjoy the domestic antics of these eagles — who welcomed two new eggs into their nest earlier this week. The eggs will hatch sometime around the new year. You won't be able to stop watching this mesmerizing pair as they do little things like fluff up the grass in the nest, and reposition their wings to keep the eggs warm. All while cars are zooming by in the background. Nature really does find a way.

Spend all afternoon watching the Florida Eaglecam on Ustream

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

It's nice, but it's no PandaCam.