You Watch More Stuff Online than on TV. So Do We

So far, over 1,000 io9 readers have shared their feedback with us via the 2010 Gawker Media Census. We found out that 60% of those who responded use to get their sci-fi fixes. Where do you watch? Join the party—click through to submit your Census!

The Gawker Media Census 2010 is a way for us to find out about what you like and what you don't like about media, the Web, life in general, and io9 itself. Your feedback is essential to the site—not to mention good reading—and helps us make your io9-perusing experience even more appealing than it already is.


So, commenters, click here to get started.

Everyone else, here's your Census.

Bonus! If you email the last question of the Census to with "Gawker Media Census 2010" as the subject line, you will be entered to win a $300 AmEx gift card. (Winner will be chosen at random.) [Rules]

Thank you thank you thank you. You may now resume watching Weird Science clips.

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