You want more female celebs as Avengers? Here are more female celebs as Avengers

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the photoshopped pic of Alison Brie in a Captain America uniform made the Internet explode with awesomeness. Happily, the Avengeresses (or whatever) don't stop there — check out Amer Heard as a terrifyingly gorgeous Thor (or maybe Valkyrie if you want to get nitpicky about it), and a shockingly great-looking Sandra Bullock as Iron Woman, thanks to the same genius who made "Miss America" (check out more of his work here). Now, if we can just get Adrianne Palicki as She-Hulk, Gillian Jacobs as Hawkeye, Pam Grier as Nichole Fury and then maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Black Widower, I think we'll be set.


[Via Unreality]

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