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While we know very, very little about the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring movie adaptation of Jose Saramago's novel The Double, we're starting to see some seriously trippy things in this NSFW trailer.

We admit we didn't really understand just how twisted Enemy was until a few friends explained that we should probably give this flick a shot. The basic premise is as follows: a regular guy (Gyllenhaal) watches a film where the actor (also played by Gyllenhaal) looks identical to him. And he decides to track this guy down. As you can see from the trailer, things do not go as planned.

On top of this new trailer we've got a short feature about the two women who also star in Enemy, which sheds a tiny ray of light on some of the main character's struggles. Warning, don't read the full synopsis to The Double if you don't want to be spoiled. Because the final twist is pretty great

Enemy is available on DirecTV now, and will open in limited release on March 14th.

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