In the Webcomic Stonebreaker, Demonic Slaves Have Expelled Their Human Masters from an Ancient City

Illustration for article titled In the Webcomic iStonebreaker/i, Demonic Slaves Have Expelled Their Human Masters from an Ancient City

Long ago, humans thrived in the great city, using golem-like demons to do their bidding. But after the demons rebelled, they forced humans to abandon the city and live on the fringes, dreaming of the day they’d reclaim their home.


Peter Wartman’s webcomic Stonebreaker and its prequel Over the Wall focus on Anya, a young girl who ventures where her fellow humans do not dare to tread. Anya’s brother went into the city during a manhood ritual and didn’t come out again, prompting Anya to follow him inside. But the price of getting lost in the city is worse than death; it means that you will be gradually forgotten by everyone you knew. But in her quest, Anya discovers a talent for traveling the city and an ally inside. Soon she’s recovering artifacts and writings that have been lost to humanity for generations.

What’s great about Stonebreaker (aside from the stunning views of the empty city and the creature designs) is that Anya is so thoroughly outmatched by the demons lurking in the city in terms of size and strength that she must use her cunning to navigate the streets safely. That’s not to say that she doesn’t make some reckless choices. And given that humans lost the city because of their selfishness and hubris, it may take some caution and humility to reclaim it again.


[Stonebreaker and Over the Wall]

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You’re back! Yay!!

Sounds like another cool comic. Can’t wait to read it