You probably shouldn't advertise The Walking Dead on the side of your funeral home

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The Co-operative Funeralcare funeral home in Consett, County Durham, England has been the subject of unwanted public scrutiny after a billboard company affixed an advertisement for The Walking Dead to side of their building.

From The Daily Mail:

A spokesman for the Co-operative Funeralcare said its premises in Consett were leased. He said: 'It is disappointing that we were not consulted as this advert could cause unnecessary distress. 'When the billboard site was erected, we were assured that no insensitive adverts would be featured.' The company responsible, Clear Channel, has agreed the advert is inappropriate and an alternative has since been pasted in its place.


When it comes to advertising and funeral parlors, any press is good press, I suppose.

[Spotted on Bleeding Cool. Photo: North News.]

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What an amazing opportunity for synergy they squandered. "Cooperative Funeralcare: OUR DEAD STAY THAT WAY."