"You Order And I Obey" Is What Vampire Women Like to Say to Each Other

If there's one thing people just don't understand, it's the kinds of special bonds that form between vampire women. Luckily, one movie truly gets it, and gives us a truthful (and sparkly) vampire female-bonding flick.


I refer of course to Samson vs. the Vampire Women, a touching movie about wrestling. MST3K has already explored this fine film, but I think in a way that neglects the importance of the vampire women. I mean, the wrestling guys are cool and all but they don't have sparkly tiaras OR sparkly wands OR awesome eye makeup. Nor do they have large-breasted women in low cut robes telling them, "You order and I obey."

The vampire women, however, have that and more.

What is the plot of this movie? Honestly, it's really all encapsulated in this scene. Some vampire servant named Tantra is helping sparkly wand lady to find her successor, among the human women of the Earth. Meanwhile, Samson the wrestler is trying to stop them. With wrestling matches, and a scientist who has a TV set.


Samson vs. the Vampire Women via IMDB

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What's the head vampiress' name? Blagra? Vagda? Fhagflha?