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We had pretty high hopes for The Anomaly when we learned that Noel Clarke (Doctor Who) was directing and starring in a film about brain-hacking, co-starring The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder. But the trailer looks seriously kick-ass, and there's a neat spin on the "ticking clock" idea.

In this film, it looks as though Somerhalder is up to his old mind control tricks — this is some typecasting we can get behind — and this time, he's using metal spiders and brain implants and various other things. He takes an ex-soldier (Clarke) prisoner and experiments on him, implanting him with some kind of brain nastiness. And at one point, Clarke only has nine minutes to do something before his brain implant reboots and probably fries his memory.


It looks pretty nifty. Let's hope it's better than Storage 24. The Anomaly comes out July 4 in the U.K., but no clue when it hits stateside. Here's a poster:

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[via Den of Geek]

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