You never realized the full insanity of Pixar's attention to detail

Check out an exclusive clip from the special features on the DVD and Blu-ray for Pixar's "Scottish Princess" movie Brave, which comes out next week. You already knew that Pixar went to insane lengths to make Merida's curly hair look natural — but did you know that they modeled every single thread in that all-important tapestry?


You read that right. Every. Single. Thread.

This clip shows how Pixar developed a technique to model cloth that was woven of "billions of little fibers," so it would have the same texture as actual cloth. And then they created individual threads, representing each thread in the tapestry, and then wrote a program to weave them together. That's the kind of dedication that most of us can only imagine aspiring to.

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Angrier Geek

If only they'd worked that hard on the actual story...