You Must See This Supercut of Every Clue About Jon Snow's Origin From Game of Thrones

We now know for certain that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are the parents of Jon Snow (well, on the show, at least). YouTube user hurleybird painstakingly collected every single scene and mention of them on the series so far, and assembled them in one moving masterpiece of a supercut.


It’s similar in many ways to the recent Jon Snow celebration/“King in the North” video, and includes a lot of the same footage, but there’s something even more achingly satisfying about getting three and a half minutes of nothing but seeing R and L add up to J.

Warning: If you watch this video and the “King in the North” supercut back to back, you may possibly need either a tissue or to give Kit Harington a hug.

[Winter Is Coming]

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I always felt like the saddest part of his fostering was that Ned never told Cat the truth. She'd most likely have treated him like a son than hated his existence.