You must only speak the words to enter the realms beyond

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Weary traveler, I'm not sure how you made it here through the darkness. But now you are almost home. Our gates will open to all who know the languages spoken in secret among slaves, because we have built this place as a refuge.


Pablo Palomeque is a concept artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can see more of his luminous work on Concept Art World.

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In the middle of the swamplands of Grynjbog,in lands no empire has ever dared claim as theirs,stands an stone. It is not a burial menhir or a monument to a forgotten battle. It was erected by hands long extinct when Man and the Other Races crawled from the Primordial Vein. The lonesome monolith stands surrounded by trees from an age so remote the World itself was young and the Ether was untouched. For indeed the immediate vicinity of the monolith is impervious to the passage of time and no living creature great or small dwells in the branches of those trees.

And scripted on its black basaltic surface in luminous carvings that not even the Loremasters of the Eight Spheres are familiar with it is written a Name. Though not really a name,but rather a key. And there are none in the World today that know that name. At least none that would be insane enough to mutter that name and unleash the terrible consquence of what would follow.

One day,a single silent figure strode into the Timeless Glen. The black-robed figure stood like a wraith before the Monolith and raised his staff covered with glyphs that could drive a man insane.

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