Just over a year ago, we were confidently predicting that you’d get to watch HBO’s revamped version of Westworld later in 2015. But now, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that this TV show based on the classic Michael Crichton movie might not appear until 2017.

Remember when we said not to worry about HBO’s new Westworld stopping production? It might be time to worry, a bit. The THR article drops this bomb in the middle of discussing wider problems at HBO. And it sounds as though the recent production hiatus, along with the fact that the already-completed episodes turn out to need some major additions and reshoots, could lead to a longer-than-expected delay.


THR’s report also hints at tension between creator Jonathan Nolan and HBO, who have been clashing over cuts and creative differences since the project began. But it’s hard to tell what’s holding the project up. Maybe putting together those human sex furniture scenes just takes a really long time.

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