Part of any huge film premiere these days includes people showing up in costume—and The Force Awakens is going to be no exception, as Jedi, Sith, Stormtroopers and Smugglers take to the streets on December 18th. But new regulations from theaters might mean cosplaying as certain iconic characters may not be allowed.

Images of posters displayed at Cinemark theatres advertising the sale of tickets for the film have declared that while costumed moviegoers are welcome to screenings of the movies, their fake weapons aren’t—and neither are you, if your costume includes a helmet or full face paint.


Robe hoods down, Jedi! When you think about it, that wipes out a lot of Star Wars aliens—but also some iconic characters. Darth Vader, Darth maul, Stormtroopers of either the Empire or the First Order, Boba Fett, even new Baddies Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma. Cinemark aren’t the only theater chain imposing the rule, either—for their Star Wars showings, AMC are banning costumes with helmets too, but are slightly more lenient in allowing costume Lightsabers to be brought into cinemas (like Cinemark, Blasters are absolutely not allowed).

It’s a sign of the times really—fears of potential mass shootings in the U.S. akin to the Dark Knight Rises incident in Aurora three years ago have seen big theater chains on edge ever since. Considering the furor of anticipation around the new Star Wars film, the idea of teeming crowds of people, some clad in face-concealing masks and makeup, is already enough of a logistical headache without having to check for potential concealed weapons.


So if you’re heading out in cosplay this December, make sure you pick a character that doesn’t have a helmet—you wouldn’t want to be booted out from a showing just because you turned up as Captain Phasma rather than Rey.

[Via Outer Places]