You May Not Like Him When He's Angry, But What About When He's . . . Red?

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Bearing in mind that there's going to be a new Incredible Hulk movie next summer - written by Ed Norton, and with the first trailer being premiered during the Super Bowl because that worked so well last time - Marvel Entertainment have released plans of what they're planning to do to the Jolly Green Giant in comic form next year to tie in to the inevitable multimedia marketing plans. Namely, give him a paint job and a bastard son.


With this week's release of the final issue of the World War Hulk series - which saw the Hulk return to Earth from a year in space with the aim of kicking humanity's ass, only to get his own ass well and truly handed to him - Marvel also released three preview images for upcoming Hulk-related comics. First up is Hulk, which sees current Heroes and former Lost producer Jeph Loeb writing a new monthly comic starring a mystery bright red Hulk, while the existing Incredible Hulk comic gets a new star and new title, becoming Incredible Herc as Greek god Hercules takes over for a few months. Most soap operatic of all is the announcement of Skaar: Son of Hulk, another new monthly comic based around the bastard son the Hulk spawned during his year in the stars.

What do these changes say about Norton's movie plans for Dr. Robert Bruce Banner and his Gamma-spawned alter ego? Probably very little, but if any of this raises the possibility of stripping Norton naked and painted bright red, then really, who will complain that loudly? Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


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