You May Not Have to Wait 30 Years For The Next Mad Max Movie

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The unbelievably good-looking Mad Max: Fury Road is set to premiere on May 15th, 2015. The last Mad Max movie before that was Beyond Thunderdome, released in 1985. That's a long time! The good news is if Fury Road does well, director George Miller says the sequel is already written.


Miller's original plan was to shoot Fury Road and a second Max movie, subtitled Furiosa, back-to-back; instead Miller concentrated on one movie, but wrote the script for the second — as well as a novelization for a third, as he told Film School Rejects. So unless Fury road bombs — and watching that Comic-Con trailer, that seems highly unlikely — we might have a lot of Mad-ness in our future.


And the trailer looks sooo good! I know there is a bit of a built in audience for this film already, but my only concern that it could bomb would be due to the fact that 2015 is going to be a bonkers year for big comic / sci fi blockbusters. I hope it has a well thought out release date so that is doesn't get lost in the shuffle.