You know Stark bannermen are hiding at your office when you see THIS

I don't know what's cooler: That someone drew such amazing Game of Thrones fan art at their office, or that the cleaning staff left it there when they erased everything else. There are a lot of Stark supporters lurking in corporate America.

Commenter James sent us the above artwork (full version below), and explained:

The whiteboards at my work have a tendency to be erased by the cleaning people even though there's massive charts, and information on them. I spotted this one shortly after they had cleaned.


He later tracked down the artist who had created this artwork, whose name turned out to be Tyler Anderson. And Tyler gave permission for him to pass this along to us. Here it is, in its full glory:

In slightly more official Game of Thrones art news, HBO announced they'll be selling this statue of a White Walker in December, via the HBO store and their storefronts in different cities:


And following up the success of their Iron Throne Ale, this Fall HBO is going to start selling Take the Black Stout, so you can get hammered while pretending you're a member of the Night's Watch:


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