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You Just Don't Understand Women Possessed by Alien Witches

So I am always having this problem where I use a rift generator to visit Mongo, and when I'm there witches try to steal my body because I'm so hot. I always wiggle out of it but Dale wasn't so lucky in Friday night's episode. Flash's former flame gets possessed by an alien witch who basically just wants to dress up in pink outfits and shiny ankle boots. The plot unfurls from there like a loosely-packed roll of toilet paper.

Dale is possessed! We have to save her! But we also have to save somebody else! OMG, the nerdy Zarkov is rolling on drugged tea and that's so wacky! Luckily, the hardcore assassin Baylin of Mongo was there to remind us that lurking somewhere under the pink froo-froos and the goofy acting and the 1940s plot lines there lies another show — perhaps in an alternate dimension — that is funny and playfully subversive. I just love her deadpan delivery in this clip. After Dale vamps and Flash himboes it up with his "Gee isn't Dale acting funny?" routine, her dry response is perfect: "I do not understand women." Oh Baylin, we'd help you understand if you'd only give us half a chance!


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