You just don't understand cryonics

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Max More, CEO of the cryonics company Alcor, has produced a video in response to physicist Michio Kaku's surprisingly weak critique of cryonics.

In all fairness to Kaku, he kinda had this coming.

First, he couldn't even get the terminology right, describing the practice as "cryogenics." As More points out in the video, that's the branch of physics addressing the production and effects of very low temperatures. Cryonics, on the other hand, is the act of storing tissue at low temperatures in the hopes of eventual reanimation.


Kaku also describes cryonics as something only millionaires can afford (not true), he completely fails to account for the application of cryoprotectants (though he perplexingly talks about it as theory), and makes the claim that cryonics companies are fooling people by promising them immortality (also not true). Watch Alcor's response to these claims:

Here's Kaku's original Big Think video:

Top image courtesy Christopher Barnatt/ExplainingTheFuture.

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Kaku doesn't call it cryogenics, the person who submitted the question to him called it cryogenics. And he doesn't once name Alcor nor does he indicate they are swindlers or are promising immortality. He says any company that does make those claims is pulling a fast one.