One of the biggest arguments against this summer’s mega hit, Jurassic World, had to do with high heels. The head of the park, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), spends the entire movie, even when she’s being chased by dinosaurs, in high heels. And lots of people couldn’t get past that.

But as those people made valid arguments concerning logistics, misogyny and more (we even talked to director Colin Trevorrow about it here), what wasn’t happening was the opposite. No one was talking about what if EVERYONE in Jurassic World wore high heels? Better yet, what if everyone in the entire franchise wore high heels? We’re talking the full casts, human and dinosaur, of Jurassic Park, The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3?


The team at XVP Comedy did just that and they did it in a super smart way. Using footage from all of the films, they took the George Lucas-special edition route and reimagined the franchise as a “High Heel Edition” box set. The video above is so crazy and stupid, it just may be the funniest video you watch on the Internet today.

[XVP Comedy, H/T Screencrush]