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You Don't Need to Head to Tosche Station To Pick Up These Sweet Posters

A crop of Speeder by Craig Drake.
A crop of Speeder by Craig Drake.
Image: All Images (Hero Complex Gallery)
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If you’re in the market for posters of Star Wars vehicles, look no further than Craig Drake. Drake, who used to work at Lucasfilm, has been making posters of iconic vehicles for years now, and his latest solo show has the artist’s take on Luke’s landspeeder.


You see a large section of it above, but that’s just one of the many posters in Drake’s fifth solo show, which we previewed last week and is now open at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Below, you can see the full poster as well as bunch of the other posters in the show, which include new takes on Street Fighter, Blade Runner, Deadpool, Mad Max, The Lost Boys, and yes, more Star Wars.


If you’d like to pick any of those up (and, in the case of the Star Wars landspeeder or Mad Max, in a multitude of different variants) head to this link. And see more of Drake’s work in the below links.

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