You Don't Need An Agent To Be Pyr Books' Next Superstar

Fast-rising SF publisher Pyr Books has opened the floodgates to unagented submissions of epic fantasy, sword-and-sorcery and contemporary urban fantasy novels. (As Pyr's blog entry says, this makes the publisher one of "those few publishers fool enough to accept unagented, unsolicited material." Pyr's Lou Anders adds:

Last week we hired an editorial assistant slash slush reader. I'm very pleased to announce that starting immediately, Rene (pronounced Renee) Sears will be the official slush reader for unagented submissions. Rene is an avid sf&f reader who has already read a sizable portion of the Pyr catalog and has a good idea of what it is I look for. So she'll be the one drowning under the flood of submissions sifting through the chaff and passing the wheat on to my desk. Note that this is a new experiment, and if it doesn't produce the expected results, our guidelines could change again in future. And note, also and again, that you must follow our guidelines. Unsolicted submissions sent to my Facebook, Twitter and Personal Webpage are going to go on being ignored! (I have to have some kind of life, after all.)


I pity the person who tries to submit a novel via Twitter. But I'm sure it's been done. [Pyr-O-Mania via Galleycat]

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Lamar Henderson

Poor, poor, Rene. I am so, so sorry.