A crop of a new It poster by Barrett Chapman. See the full image below.
Image: All Images (Hero Complex Gallery)
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Say the word “blacklight” and you either think of cheesy dorm-room decor or a means to find stains on a bed. The connotations are not what’d you call good. For artists, though, blacklight can give already cool images a bit of a kick, and that’s what’s happening in this brand new art show.

The show is called “Blacklight 3 and it’s at Hero Complex Galaxy in Los Angeles, CA. It’s comprised of dozens of unique posters and pieces of art, all of which shine a little brighter under a blacklight. But this is the internet, so we can only show you what they look like without that enhancement. Here are a few of our favorite pieces in the show, which you can see in full at this link.

Beetlejuice by Dan Mumford
Into the Spider-Verse by Danny Haas
Psycho by Melvin Mago
It: Chapter One by Barrett Chapman
John Wick by Rhys Cooper
Jessica Rabbit by Craig Drake

Now, imagine those posters under blacklight. All the neons pop out. Sometimes specific shapes pop out. It’s really very cool.


The show is now online at the HCG home page and, in person, at the gallery’s new location: 1050 S. Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles, CA.

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